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"Young Master Zastin, we sincerely hope you enjoy your vacation to Earth. Your vacation will last 2 days and 2 nights. After your vacation you are to teleport to the Yuko Hotel immediately. Sincerely, your loyal servant Fredrick." 

Zastin soon appeared on Earth. He gazed around with his red demon eyes, soon noticing that human's eyes were much different. He then used his magic to appear more human. His ears became less pointy, his teeth less sharp, and his eyes to a human look that's a red-brown color. It was almost sunset. The sky was beautiful and looked even better than most of the paintings Zastin's parents had owned. Walking toward the beach more, he noticed that a party was going on. There were teens and young adults everywhere. They were drinking, smoking, playing games, and some of them were acting very strange. As he looked around, he noticed a human sticking out like a sore thumb. He had platinum blonde hair, hazel eyes, and he was Caucasian. Zastin approached the human cautiously. He wanted to know more about this human, though he didn't know why. He almost let out a gasp as the human looked at him. Why was he so nervous? He'd interacted with humans before, but for some reason this one was causing him anxiety. The human smiled then stuck out his hand." Hello. My name's Alden! What's your's?" The human was speaking to him! What should he say? WHAT SHOULD HE SAY?! 

Looking down shyly, Zastin replied." M...My name is Zastin." he replied ever so softly whilst shaking Alden's hand. The human looked so happy. Then the human spoke again saying," Do you go to the Renaissance College too?" What an odd question. Zastin had always been taught privately in Hell. The tutors were amazing, cooperative, and encouraging. He had never even thought of going to college. Zastin shook his head, unable to vocalize his answer. Why did he feel so timid and shy? He had always felt confident and without fear before meeting this human. What was it about him? 

Alden smiled warmly and gave Zastin a pat on the shoulder." You should really think about going there. Sure they may be strict, but it is a really great place to get an education." He told Zastin calmly. He was so adorable and shy. Suddenly, Alden realized that Zastin looked oddly familiar. He looked like the person in his dream. That scruffy and short black hair looked exactly like the person from his recurring dreams. His eyes weren't the same though. His teeth and ears weren't as pointy either. Throwing his dream focused thoughts aside her gave Zastin a friendly smile." Wanna go try some party games?" He asked kindly. 

What an odd thing to ask. Party games? Zastin had never heard of such things. He had heard of mind games, but not party games. Following Alden to a table, he noticed some humans betting money on a card game that he recognized as being War." Can we play that party game?" Zastin asked his new friend curiously. Alden nodded and smiled warmly responding with a," Of course we can." 

Taking a seat at the table, Zastin fumbled with his jacket pockets only to come up empty. With a heavy sigh he looked at Alden and asked," Would you mind lending me some cash? I can pay you back after a game or two." Alden thought about it for a moment then nodded." Um...okay. Sure." He said then gave Zastin $50.00. About an 2 hours or so passed. It was almost midnight now and many people had surrounded the table. Zastin was on a 100 game winning streak. Alden was sitting next to him watching him play. This version of War was a bit like Poker. You had to keep a straight face. Unlike regular war, you were allowed to pick your cards. No one knew that Zastin was using a strange demonic ability to read the minds of his opponents. He was also using an ability to make them chose their worst cards. 

Soon it was time for everyone to return to their homes or dorms. Zastin stood from the table with a large bag filled with money. He smiled a little at Alden then gave him the bag." I want you to have it." Alden went wide eyed." Really?! This is a lot of money though!" Alden fell even more in shock when Zastin insisted on him keeping it." Seriously, just keep it. Call it a type of payment for another question I have for you. Can I stay at your place tonight?" Zastin asked in a calm voice. Alden blushed a bit then nodded." Um...sure you can. Just stay hidden okay? They don't allow people on campus who aren't students." 

Soon they arrived at Alden's dorm. It was medium sized with a bed, closet, and bathroom. Zastin sat on Alden's bed looking down at the floor as he listened to Alden's humming coming from the bathroom. Judging by the smell, he was showering. Zastin soon stood, rummaging through Alden's closet. He saw multiple uniforms for differing activities, a journal, and a couple night clothes. Grabbing a large red t-shirt, Zastin slipped off all his clothes aside from his black briefs. He Got into the large red t-shirt and sighed happily as it felt at least slightly more comfortable than his suit. Zastin soon flopped onto Alden's bed. He grabbed at the sheets gently, comparing them to his own. Definitely not as nice as his own sheets at home, but they were at least comfortable. Soon he head the small squeak that came from the shower nob turning, followed by the sound of the water ceasing. 

Alden soon walked into the bedroom wearing his boxers and a t-shirt with the bad "My Bloody Wonderland" on it. He loved the lead singer Alice Black. He then looked over at his bed, he turned red in the cheeks as he saw how adorable and oddly sexy Zastin looked in one of his shirts." Okay you want me to sleep on the couch...or what?" He asked in an attempt to be a nice host. Zastin sat up then looked at him." We can sleep together. I don't mind." Alden blushed darker at that then smiled sheepishly saying," Um...okay." He then crawled in bed and snuggled under the covers turning off the light by throwing small notebook at it." Goodnight Zastin." Alden said and yawned." Goodnight...Alden." Zastin replied then laid his head on a pillow, soon drifting off to sleep.
"Dear Alden, as a new student at Renaissance College you will be expected to obey a few rules. These rules are quite simple. Here we have listed the main rules you are expected to obey:

1) You must always wear your uniform properly
2) You are not permitted to smoke, drink, or do drugs on school grounds
3) You are not allowed to be openly sexual in the school
4) You must make it to all your classes on time
5) Curfew is 8:00pm
6) You must always carry your school I.D.
7) You are expected to attend and assist with all school events
8) You will be expelled immediately if you are caught with drugs, drug paraphernalia, alcohol, or cigarette on school grounds
9) If you become or get a fellow student pregnant you will be expelled immediately
10) If you break any of the listed rules you will be expelled

We hope you enjoy your learning experience at Renaissance College."

Alden approached his new school cautiously. He was nervous and didn't like the idea of having to make new friends. He left all his old friends behind at his previous school. College was a pain, but he wanted the best education possible. The school had a pool, gym, a huge library, it had everything! It had everything but freedom. You couldn't be openly in a relationship. You had to keep your romance in the closet. You could never be late. This school was like an educational prison.

It had taken three days to get to this school. It was a huge campus with dorms, multiple sports buildings, and other buildings for classes. On the plan ride to the school he kept having a strange dream. He was in a fancy hotel room with mood lighting. The bed felt soft like velvet and the sheets were made of fine satin. Next to laid a figure. The person had short scruffy black hair and appeared to be sleeping. He noticed they both had no clothing on, but he didn't feel embarrassed at all. He'd then lay on his back gazing at the ceiling only to feel the person move from beside him, waking up. Then person soon crawled on top of him and placed their hands on his bare chest." Alden..." The person said in a breathless voice. He couldn't see much of the person's face. Before he awoke the weirdest part happened. Large bat like wings appeared out of the person's back as a fanged smile spread on their face. He'd then wake up.

He was attempting to use logic and reason to describe why this dream had kept reoccurring. Did he have a repressed fetish or vampires? No. Did he watch anything that had to do with bats or vampires recently? No. He couldn't find a rational explanation for what was happening. Maybe he'd figure it out soon. Hopefully he would.
Google translate is sometimes useful. Some asshole texted me today, convinced that I was some chick he met at a strip club. His grammar was atrocious and he seemed to be very stupid so I said this to him: 今行ってる!あなたの愚かさはオルガスムです。私のために愚かであることしてください!私は来るつもりです!はいああ!はい!

In short, I told him some dirty stuff. Lmao he hasn't texted me back since. 


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